Social Justice

We work with community partners to build a Beloved Community with justice, equity, and compassion for each living being.

Faith in Action

Our work for justice is based on the principles of equality and solidarity. How we live matters; our living can make a positive difference in the world. We honor the inherent worth and dignity of every person, and honor all life. We have a long tradition of involvement in work for social change.

Our Goals are to:

  • Provide opportunities to grow and be transformed through action and service.
  • Educate others and invite the wider community to join us in living our seven Unitarian Universalist Association Principles.
  • Be a community leader in social justice through the active participation of the members and in coalition with other justice-seeking organizations.

Within our congregation, the Social Justice Council leads our efforts, and provides vision, direction, and organizational support for our growing involvement in social justice activities.

We are committed to Compassion in Action.

Most weeks out of year, the congregation gives 100% of the donations collected during the Sunday Offering to organizations doing work for social justice and equity in the local and global community. Compassion in Action is our congregational tithe shared to improve our world. The other Sundays (approximately one Sunday a month) the collection stays within our congregation to support our church and the work of its ministries.

The Compassion in Action program is designed to promote generosity by members and friends as well as raise awareness within the congregation about local, regional, national, and international social justice concerns. Our congregation’s orientation is outward toward the community, as well as inward. We choose to bless the world.

Participating Compassion in Action organizations are nominated by members of the church and approved by the Social Justice Council. The Compassion in Action Working Group collects nominations, makes recommendations to the Council, and coordinates the program.

To nominate an organization for Compassion in Action, please complete the form below, and we will provide you with an application.

Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.

Carbon Free Church Environmental Sustainability

We embrace and promote the seventh principal of Unitarian Universalism: Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part. The Green First Task Force pursued, and achieved certification as a
Green Sanctuaryin 2010. Since then we have continued to work on environmental issues both within and beyond the walls of the First Universalist Church of Denver.

Minimizing our footprint on the environment is our first goal, but we want to leave a traceand have a positive impact on the earth and all living beings around us. Our building was built to be carbon positive, putting more energy back on the grid than we use. Through a combination of geothermal heating, solar panels, energy efficient lighting, and reclaimed and environmentally sustainable building materials, we have built a church home that reflects our commitment to making positive impact.

Interested in joining us or finding out what Green First has been up to? Check out our calendar or our blog, or contact Craig Murray.

Housing & Homelessness

Two workers framing a room at a Habitat for Humanity build site

Habitat Task Force

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One of our longest-running social justice projects at First Universalist, our Habitat Task Force has lead our work over the last two decades to help build 18 homes in the Denver Metro area. Through Habitat, we continue to:

  • Continue to share leadership in the Habitat Interfaith Alliance, with whom we builds a new home every year.
  • Continue to partner with Habitat for Humanity Metro Denver to address the affordable-housing shortage in our area.
  • Strengthen interfaith ties so that we continue to become a recognized force for justice by the various faith groups in our community.
  • Provide opportunities to participate in activities which increase the availability of decent, affordable housing.

Homelessness Task Force

Our Homelessness Task Force encourages our congregation to assist people experiencing homelessness by:

  • Raising awareness and educating members about homelessness
  • Recruiting volunteers for direct service
  • Establishing partnerships with like-minded organizations

Throughout the year, we have on-going donation collections for organizations providing services to people experiencing homelessness. We rotate recipient organizations, and recent examples include Urban Peak, Women’s Homeless Initiative, and Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. Our goal is to collect highly needed items, and we listen to the recipient groups to identify their current needs.

Gun Violence Prevention Task Force

Protesting Gun Violence in Denver

The GVPTF was formed in response to the tremendous impact that firearm violence has in our society – over 30,000 deaths and 50,000 non-fatal woundings annually. Of the deaths, the majority represent suicide, highlighting the public health nature of the epidemic. Colorado is in the top 5 states in suicides. Most suicide attempts using guns are successful. GVPTF was formed to bring attention and awareness to the issue, and to work to reduce the toll of gun related violence in our society.

 Stay Informed

Join our email list to get alerts about pending state and national legislation related to gun safety and other opportunities for civic action. To sign up, send an email to Jackson Turnacliff.

Exploring Our Call to Sanctuary

Immigration Sanctuary

We believe in keeping families together and support the work of immigrant activists who are calling for a compassionate and equitable immigration process. As a congregation, we support the Rocky Mountain Immigration Advocacy Network, the Metro Denver Sanctuary Coalition, and Coloradans for Immigrant Rights.

A founding member of the Metro Denver Sanctuary Coalition at its inception in 2014, we have supported the New Sanctuary Movement and efforts to help families facing deportation. In 2018, our congregation is currently undergoing a church-wide discernment process to determine if we will become a Sanctuary Host Congregation.

Join the exploration. Participate Love Resist’s interactive webinar:

Changing Systems, Changing Ourselves

May, 2018: Survey Report and Update

April, 2018: Sanctuary Overview

February, 2018: Explanation of Sanctuary & Discernment Process

We want to hear from you. Contact the Sanctuary Discernment Team:

social justice
Our Racial Justice Task Force facilitates opportunities for education and advocacy in our congregation, as we work to identify and overcome implicit racial biases. Past programs include Implicit Bias Training and a two-part White Supremacy Teach-In. We also host a Racial Justice Film Series, held jointly with First Plymouth Church of Denver.

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