Caring Community

We support each other in times of need, celebrate with each other in times of joy, and practice radical hospitality, welcoming everyone with open hearts and open minds.

Caring for each other

Our Caring Circles group members of the church geographically, with Care Stewards volunteering to coordinate. Caring Circles are the first circle of support when members are going through a major life change or recovery and are in need of meals, visits, or a bit of extra support.

To learn more about Caring Circles, contact Barbara Snook.

Contact Care Leaders

We support each other through major life transitions and in times of both sorrow and joy. To contact the Care Leaders in our church to share your care needs, send an email to the confidential Care Leaders Team.

Senior Support Group

We meet twice a month in a supportive circle of peers. For details, contact Linda Survey.

Next Chapter

We meet monthly to discuss topics related to aging and end of life. To learn more, contact Ardis Westwood or Flo Phillips.

Men’s Groups

We have multiple men’s support groups to keep the size of each small. To find out about joining an open group, contact John Schick.

Parents’ Support Group

We welcome parents of adults facing mental health and addition challenges to join us. We meets monthly in a supportive circle of peers. For details, contact Maureen Wells.

Nurturing Community

Church members greeting each other with smiles

Forming friendships is at the heart of making meaningful connections at First Universalist. Making connections with other people can be difficult. We want this to be a place where people know your name and where you develop friendships that are important to you. Friendships sustain us through difficult times; friendships increase our joy during joyous times; friendships help us see the best in ourselves and allow us to strive for authenticity.

Our programs, courses, and services are intended to nurture community. See what is happening soon on our Featured Events page.