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Sunday, April 22

Earth Day
Services at 9:15 & 11:00 a.m.

Join us for a service honoring Earth Day as we continue to explore what it means to be a “People of Emergence.” Rev. Aaron Norris will lead this service, and our Green First Task Force will share a Reflection on Social Justice. 

Compassion in Action: Colorado Interfaith Power and Light

Music: A musical ensemble will share Vienna Tang’s “Level Up” and an arrangement of George Harrison’s “Here Comes the Sun.” Our Children’s choir will perform “Rise Up” by Andra Day.

What are Sunday services like?

Monthly Worship Theme

A People of Emergence

Howard Thurman wrote, “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

If you were to envision how you want to grow or mature as an individual, what qualities would you enhance in yourself? What would you diminish or remove from your life?

What resources do you need to move towards your healthiest vision of yourself? Which of those resources are available to you now?

In what ways do we need to grow and mature as a congregation? What resources will we need?

What challenges might limit or impede growth in the direction of your vision? How can those challenges be overcome?

What makes you “come alive”? What would need to change for you to be able to come alive more often?


A just and loving world needs Unitarian Universalism. It needs our gifts of labor, love, and money. Without these, our vision can neither go out into the world, nor help to change it.

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Rev. Jeannie Shero
Senior Minister

Upcoming Events

A Visit with Helen Thorpe

We are thrilled to welcome author Helen Thorpe on Sunday, April 29 for a discussion of her most recent book, The Newcomers. The book follows refugee teenagers recently arrived in the U.S. during their time at Denver’s South High School. Thorpe’s earlier works include Just Like Us and Soldier Girls. Pick up a copy of Newcomers and bring your questions and comments on April 29!

Habitat for Humanity Build Days

Saturday, April 28th, come see first hand what manner in our congregation have learned – participating in a Build Day for Habitat for Humanity is an incredibly rewarding experience. Construction on our 14th home for a local family has begun! Our church will supply the Build Day volunteers for three Saturdays: April 28, June 16, and August 11. We need helping hands and will provide training, no previous experience necessary!

Changing Systems, Changing Ourselves

Register by April 27 for this interactive workshop that begins May 1. Love Resists (A Unitarian Universalist initiative) and the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) are offering a new program to explore how an anti-racist framework can deepen our activism and solidarity work, with a focus on immigrant justice and deportation defense. The webinar component includes four parts, offered on the first Tuesday of each month beginning on May 1. We will also gather on the third Tuesday of each month for an additional discussion component. 

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Children & Youth

We encourage our children to accept the many differences in others while maintaining their own self worth and ability to make healthy choices.

Programs for children and youth

Exploring Our Call to Sanctuary

We have been active supporters of the Metro Denver Sanctuary Coalition since its founding in 2014. We are currently going through a church-wide process of carefully considering in what ways we will deepen our commitment to Sanctuary and our support for immigrant activists.

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The music program at First Universalist Church seeks to enrich and enhance our experience of spirituality, community, and creative service through music.

Join us for Music Sunday on May 6th when the First Universalist Singers will perform Beethoven’s Fantasia Op. 80 in C Minor. Sarah Libert will be featured on the piano, and our choir will joined by a 27 piece orchestra.

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Compassion in Action

We are committed to social justice. Each month, we give all but one of our Sunday Offerings to non-profit organizations in our community doing work that aligns with our values.

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Adult Learning

We provide an ongoing program of diverse adult religious education offerings, which will engage spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and ethical aspects of personal growth of adults of all ages, from young adults to seniors.

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We have many volunteer opportunities within our congregation and in the wider world.

Sunday volunteer positions
Social Justice opportunities
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Living our values

We work with community partners to build a Beloved Community with justice, equity, and compassion for each living being.


Loving each other

We support each other in times of need, celebrate with each other in times of joy, and practice radical hospitality, welcoming everyone with open hearts and open minds.


Igniting the sacred

We firmly believe in the power of music, art and creative performance to strengthen our community, to nourish the soul, and to see the world a bit differently.


Seeking the truth in love

We teach and learn from each other, from the youngest to the oldest among us. We encourage, support and nourish each other on our personal paths to understanding.