Words for Reflection

The Eye of God image of a dying star taken by Hubble Space Telescope

May, 2017: A Community of Embodiment

Through sermons, music, and readings each Sunday this month will explore how we are “A Community of Embodiment.” Read the sermons and other readings from these services through the link above.

April, 2017: A Community of Transformation

During each of the services this month, we examined personal, community, and systemic transformation and the opportunities, challenges, hurt, and healing that radical change can bring.

March, 2017: A Community of Risk

The services this month explored personal and collective risk and the idea that, together, we can accomplish more than anyone of us could alone.

February, 2017: A Community of Identity

We explored a new aspect of being “A Community of Identity” from our personal identities, both hidden and visible, and our shared identities.

January, 2017: A Community of Prophecy

We explored the theme “A Community of Prophecy” in January, 2017 and examined what prophetic words and deeds mean for our own faith community. That month, we started a new mid-week email series to facilitate reflection on the week’s theme with a suggested spiritual practice and opportunities for personal, family, and community actions.