Sunday Volunteers


Sunday Volunteers


We have a new sign up tool for our volunteer calendar!
Please take some time to check it out, and if you have any questions, contact our Membership Coordinator, Sarah Libert at

Sunday Volunteer Sign Up

Sunday Volunteers (descriptions below) make our morning worship services run smoothly. We share the responsibility of creating an inclusive, inspiring and welcoming Sunday morning worship experience with our called ministers.

We hope that all members will volunteer at least of four times a year. Each Sunday volunteer position is a two hour time commitment.

Faith Formation and Religious Education

It takes over 100 volunteers to make our Faith Formation & Religious Education for children and youth as amazing as possible. To get involved, send an email to Director of FFRE Yvonne Wilken.

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Arrive at church about 30 minutes before the worship service to greet members and newcomers. Direct first-time visitors to the Welcome Center so they can fill out an Invitation to Connect form and make a name tag. When the service is starting, one greeter should go hand out bulletins to latecomers so the ushers can go in the service for the offering. Stay about 30 minutes after the service to talk with visitors. Walk through the auditorium to check for any left items: bulletins, hymnals, etc.


Arrive at church about 30 minutes before the worship service to hand out the Order of Service and help people find seats, if needed. During the service, count the number of people attending. Pass the offering baskets to receive the offering. Following service, organize offering money into envelopes. Either Bill Connors or Barbara Snook will come to collect the envelopes for deposit.


Coffee (Beverage) Host
Arrive at church about 30 minutes before the worship service to set-up the coffee station and make coffee and hot water for tea/cocoa. Clean up coffee station and pack supplies beginning at 11:30 am.


Welcome Center
Arrive at church 30 minutes before the worship service to set-up the Welcome & Information Center. Help first-time visitors fill out a name tag and provide a postcard with church information. If requested, provide an “Invitation to Connect” form after the service. Answer questions and share appropriate literature. Stay about 30 minutes after the service to talk with newcomers and answer questions as they arise. At 11:30 am pack up materials. 


Flower Arrangement
Bring a flower arrangement (real or artificial) before the service to go in the auditorium. Take the arrangement with you when you leave.


Media Technician
Arrive at church about 30 minutes before the worship service to set-up the microphones and turn on the system. Set sound levels and adjust as necessary during the service. Record the service. Training will be provided.


Sunday Manager

Arrive at the church about 60 minutes before the worship service. Unpack name tags from boxes, and place in alphabetical order on the provided tables across from the Welcome Center. Check and update the paper sign up so that it matches the online sign up. Recruit volunteers if necessary. Stay 30 minutes after the service to check with volunteers and ensure that everything is running smoothly. Pack up name tags into the boxes at 11:30 am. Training will be provided.


Safety Response Team 

Ahead of our return to our renovated building, the Safety and Security Committee developed a Safety and Security Plan for our congregation.  The Safety and Security Plan is intended to help make our congregation safe and to enable our congregants to respond to emergencies, large and small.  To help respond to emergencies, a Safety Response Team (SRT) is being formed.  The Safety Response Team will be composed of volunteers age 16 and over.  Members of the SRT will wear a distinctive name badge and will receive first aid, CPR and other training needed to carry out their responsibilities under the Safety and Security Plan.  Sign up for the SRT will begin on August 20, 2017.   For more information on the SRT and to sign up, send an email to