Transition “Sale” June 11 and 12, 2016

Countdown moveOn Saturday June 11th and Sunday June 12th, the church will be having a “Sale” in Colvin Commons in preparation for our move. The transition team has been working hard to determine which items we should keep and pay to store while out of our building. Many other items will be given new homes. These items for “sale” will all be place in Colvin Commons. There will be no price tag on any item; rather, we ask you to donate the value the item holds for you. All proceeds will go toward Building for the Future.

We recognize that many of you have graciously donated items to the church over time, and you may have fond memories of some items we will be parting with. However, we need to pare down a number of “kept” treasures. We simply cannot afford to pay for storage of items which do not seem appropriate for the brand new building. In hosting this sale, we hope these treasures will find a new lease on life in members’ homes.

Items on offer will range from framed pictures, bookcases, scraps of construction materials, tool boxes, books, knickknacks, craft supplies, fluorescent lighting, office supplies, toys and baby gear, and countless other items. All items not taken by Sunday evening will be donated to Habitat, Goodwill or a teachers’ group. Some cabinetry and childcare items may be offered for sale but will not be available for pickup until after our building closes in August. Come see what we have collected over the years and maybe you will find just what you need!