Taking a Risk

As a community of risk, we are people who can move into our discomfort, aware of our own capacities, and able to pause when we have reached our limits and try again another time. This is a way to act and reflect, gaining practice being courageous and aware of our emotional responses.

First, think about what you’d like to do.

What is a risk for you?

Trying an art class in a medium you’ve never used before?

Stopping to give someone money on the sidewalk, and staying to chat and get to know them a little?

Attending a protest with a friend from church?

Giving up meat for a week?

Or trying to spend an entire day without your phone or technology to take a sabbath from social media?

Remember, what is a risk for one person might be completely different from another person, so whatever resonates with you personally is great!

Events and actions happening soon:

The People’s Filibuster on April 1

Platte Trail Clean-Up with First Universalist’s Green First Task Force on April 1

Earth Day Vegetarian Potluck at First Universalist on April 9

The People’s Climate March on April 25

Now, go do that thing!

Remember, you are part of a community, so if having a buddy gives you courage, you can always reach out.

Finally, reflect on what you have done.

What values were you able to live into with this action? What made you come alive and feel positive or energized about the experience? What was hardest? Are there ways to support yourself or UU sources you can call upon for affirmation when you’re uncomfortable? You may want to journal about this to help you think about how you can take more risks in the future.