Special Congregational Meeting on the Building Project: April 3, 2016

Congregation Voted in Support of Building Project: April 3, 2016

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Updated building plans: Main level and Lower level
April 3rd Meeting Agenda
Detailed Handout

194 people attended our Special Congregational Meeting on Sunday, April 3rd, and we are grateful for all those who brought their questions, concerns, and comments to the meeting.

The meeting included presentations from the BFF Steering Committee on our updated building plans and budget, a brief presentation from the architects, and a time for discussion. The agenda included a proposed motion to approve a total budget of $4,009,545, a mortgage of $400,000, and a plan to solve the renewable energy approach, and provide authorization to BFF to raise additional funds to complete the project and, hopefully, restore cuts.

In the end, a vote was called to approve the motion with amended language clarifying the separate construction loan (not to exceed $2.5 million, which is included in the overall budget. An overwhelming majority voted in support of the final motion:

Shall the congregation of First Universalist Church of Denver approve the building project recommended by the BFF and endorsed by the Board of Trustees with: (1) a base budget of $4,009,545; (2) a mortgage not to exceed $400,000; (3) a construction loan not to exceed $2,500,000; (4) solar and geothermal systems supported by external investments and approved by the Board of Trustees; and (5) an authorization for BFF to spend any additional funds received to complete the plan as presented.