Metro Denver Sanctuary Coalition

Metro Denver Sanctuary Coalition

The MDSC is a group of allied faith groups who are actively pursuing justice through the non-violent protest of unjust immigration policies and processes by providing sanctuary to individuals who request it. Together we are the Metro Denver Sanctuary Coalition: those who seek sanctuary and their families, clergy and laypeople from Chadash Community United Church of Christ, First Unitarian Society of Denver, Mountain View Friends Meeting, Boulder Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder, First Universalist Church of Denver, American Friends Service Committee, and members of our community far and wide.

Having someone in Sanctuary goes beyond helping people feel safe and supporting them physically and emotionally, as important as that is.  At the same time, MDSC mounts a public campaign to put pressure on ICE to give those seeking Sanctuary a stay of deportation. We as members of the Coalition are called upon to show up in many ways to support the families and individuals we partner with. We make financial donations, participate in prayer vigils, marches and rallies, make phone calls, and write letters. These actions were helpful in preventing the deportation of Arturo Hernandez Garcia, who sought sanctuary at First Unitarian Society of Denver for nine months ending in July, 2015.

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Of this courageous movement, Rev. Kierstin Homblette and Rev. Mike Morran wrote, “Sanctuary is a faithful response to an invitation from the immigrant community to walk with them and follow their lead as they fight for and insist on justice… We are so grateful for this opportunity, to respond with faith, compassion, and open arms in the midst of a world that so often responds with fear, hatred, and closed doors. And we are so humbled to follow in the footsteps of those before us, our spiritual ancestors who have used the faithful witness of sanctuary to respond to injustice in their time. For sanctuary is a long-standing tradition of the church, in which faith communities offer safe havens to those who seek it. Churches have been offering sanctuary since biblical times, in the times of slavery and the Underground Railroad, during WWII, and during draft in the Vietnam War. The original Sanctuary Movement in the US took place 30 years ago during the 1980s, when churches took in refugees from Central America fleeing U.S.-funded civil wars.

And together with Ingrid Encalada Latorre  and her family, we continue that legacy today.

There are senseless forces seeking to break apart a loving family,
seeking to separate a loving husband and father from a loving spouse and their children.
This community of faith believes in families and the love the holds them together.
This community of faith believes that separating this family is a grave injustice.
We do this knowing that our fate, our destiny, and our salvation in this life
are tied up with the fate, the destiny, and the salvation of Arturo and his family,
and so many others.

We do this knowing that there is no “us and them,”
There is only us, working together, praying together,
sharing the same air, the same food, the same life that is God’s life,
hoping together for a better future.

Therefore, Sanctuary is our community, together- immigrants and citizens,
people of faith, people who love our families- saying that we will wait no longer.
We will stay quiet no longer.

If our government will not stand for families, we will.
If our government will not listen to the stories of immigrants experiencing injustice, we will.
If our government will not take the risk and stand up for our founding American beliefs
in freedom, justice, and the pursuit of happiness, we will.”

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