Equality, Education, & Safety

Gay Rights Task Force

We work to eliminate discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. We became  a “Welcoming Congregation” through the Unitarian Universalist Association in May 1996. The task force continues to educate the congregation and community.

  • The task force works with other like-minded coalitions and the legislature in efforts to change local, state, and federal laws which discriminate against LGBTQ people. We work in partnership with The Center, Rainbow Alley for youth, and Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays of Denver (PFLAG).
  • We participate in PrideFest annually, a parade and fair celebrating gender diversity. Each year we well-represent “red” in the UU rainbow ( by wearing red shirts), and have a strong, enthusiastic youth presence.

The road to equality is long, and must be traveled one step at a time. As long as homophobia and discrimination exist, we have much work to do.

Contact Pris Ledbury for more information.

Immigration Justice Task Force

Our Immigration Justice Task Force works to advocate for immigrants and their families who are facing deportation and legal challenges, and affirms and promotes just immigration policies at the local and national level.

We are currently working in collaboration with the New Sanctuary Movement in the Metro Denver Sanctuary Coalition. This work is to companion individuals who are in the process of deportation from the United States as they protest their deportation and seek a stay of deportation to be able to remain in this country with their family, loved ones, and community.

Contact Judy Cardenas for more information.

Liberation Wordle

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee & Human Rights Task Force

The Human Rights Task Force raises awareness of current social injustices and emergency crises on both a local and national basis. Its primary focus is on Economic Justice, Environmental Justice, Civil Liberties, and Rights in Humanitarian Crises.

  • Past efforts have included a congregation-wide response to: recent flooding, tornadoes, and severe storms in the United States, the earthquakes in Haiti, hurricane Katrina, speaking about the crisis in Darfur, raising awareness of the privatization of water and other pressing issues.
  • We partner with the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee to extend our reach to help others and to connect to our denomination through work of service for justice.

Contact Dan Moen for more information.