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Immigration Justice Task Force

Our Immigration Justice Task Force works to advocate for immigrants and their families who are facing deportation and legal challenges, and affirms and promotes just immigration policies at the local and national level.

We are currently working in collaboration with the New Sanctuary Movement in the Metro Denver Sanctuary Coalition. This work is to companion individuals who are in the process of deportation from the United States as they protest their deportation and seek a stay of deportation to be able to remain in this country with their family, loved ones, and community.

Contact Judy Cardenas for more information.

Immigration Task Force – Updates

  1. In the past I have written about Isidro, a 47 yrs old man who has been in this country for 40 years.  Since 1987 he has been a legal resident and has renewed his residency twice in the last 28 years.  Last October he and his family took a vacation and a church work trip to Costa Rica.  When they returned, Isidro was detained at the Fort Lauderdale Airport because of a law violation that occurred 20 years ago. In Truth or Consequence New Mexico, he was convicted of having more than 7 ounces of marijuana in his possession.   Since 1996 he says he has changed his life around.  He has not had any other criminal convictions. He has a marriage of 17 years, cares for and supports two teenagers and also financially supports his mother.  He and his family are very active at his church.  This past year he was asked to be a deacon.   

Erica Rodriguez is comforted by her son Angel as she speaks to her husband Isidro Quintana before he is taken to the GEO private immigration detention facility in Aurora. DIA, Mar. 6, 2017. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)


Two weeks ago he was taken into custody by ICE and is now in the GEO Detention Center in Aurora.  The next few months will be crucial for Isidro.   His wife has been able to get a full-time job that will help pay some of the bills.  He also gets help from his extended family and his church.  In this sense, Isidro is truly blessed.  Hopefully when I write in this newsletter in two months I can say that he is back with his family.   A more complete story on Isidro is at https://www.denverite.com/legal-permanent-resident-committed-crime-20-years-ago-now-faces-deportation-30970/


  1. Updates on Ingrid and Jeanette.  They are still in Sanctuary at Mountain View and First Unitarian Society.  They continue to need support.  Here is a link to sign-up to help Ingrid.   http://tinyurl.com/mvfmguest .   Thanks to everyone from our congregation who helping with day visits and overnights.
  2. The third Saturday of every month we are having a potluck at either First Unitarian Society or Mountain View Friend Meeting.  We invite you all to attend to support Ingrid and Jeanette and our caregivers.    Please attend and bring a dish to share.
  3. News from the Metro Denver Sanctuary Coalition.  Two more congregation have joined our Coalition.  We also have others that are considering whether they would like to a Host Sanctuary.
  4. Last Wednesday the 22nd Gustavo and Haris checked-in with ICE in Arapahoe County.  You might remember that Gustavo presented the Compassion in Action a month ago.  Instead of receiving another annual check-in, they were only given 1-2 months before another check-in.  Unfortunately, their STAYS will have expired by then and they could be picked up for immediate deportation.  

Thank you for all your support.  

My email for questions, thoughts or concerns is dmoe54@gmail.com or go the Metrodenversanctuarycoalition.org

Racial Justice Task Force

The Racial Justice Task Force works to promote the worth and dignity of every human being, regardless of race by

  • advocating for racial justice in the local community and beyond
  • building relationships with local organizations to broaden the impact of this work
  • tackling the tough questions through conversation and community

Check out our 2017 Racial Justice Film Series:

Films in the series are shown on the second Monday of the month at 7p.m. at First Plymouth Church.

  • JanuaryThe Doctrine of Discovery
  • FebruaryPolicing the Police   In this documentary, writer Jelani Cobb “rides along” with the highly criticized Newark Police officers for one month and documents their interactions with citizens.  This film and Mr. Cobb’s observations offer insight into possible solutions to the problem of over-aggressive policing.  In March, our selection will be;
  • March: 13th: Ava DuVernay’s documentary about the criminalization of African Americans since the end of the civil war is even handed and compelling. DuVernay was the director of the movie, Selma.
  • AprilBridge to Freedom: Chap. 6 of Eyes on the Prize.  Showing on Monday, APRIL 10, 7p.m., First Plymouth Church. We hope to see you there!

Contact Dan Moen for more information.

LGBTQ Rights

We work to eliminate discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. We became  a “Welcoming Congregation” through the Unitarian Universalist Association in May 1996. The task force continues to educate the congregation and community.

  • We with other like-minded coalitions and the legislature in efforts to change local, state, and federal laws which discriminate against LGBTQ people. We work in partnership with The Center, Rainbow Alley for youth, and Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays of Denver (PFLAG).
  • We participate in PrideFest annually, a parade and fair celebrating gender diversity. Each year we well-represent “red” in the UU rainbow ( by wearing red shirts), and have a strong, enthusiastic youth presence.

The road to equality is long, and must be traveled one step at a time. As long as homophobia and discrimination exist, we have much work to do.

Contact Pris Ledbury for more information.