Environmental Justice

Ethical Eating Task Force

“Ethical eating, like ethical living, is not about absolutes. It’s about doing the best you’re willing and able to do and nurturing a will to keep doing better.”  Syd Baumel 

We raise awareness of where our food comes from so that we can make better choices of what we eat. The task force is developing a list of supermarkets and suppliers that buy from producers who respect the environment and humanely raise their meat and diary products, and serves as a resource to our congregation and the greater community by providing educational materials and encouraging others to make better choices. We also monitor legislation that can adversely impact the humane treatment of farmed animals, and take appropriate action to voice our concerns with legislators and the media.

The Carnism Awareness Task Force is looking for people to help further our educational efforts. We are in need of others who can help us develop plans and strategies, write letters, develop partnerships with like-minded organizations, help create brochures and materials, help develop education programs for youth.

If you are interested and for more information, please contact: Roland Halpern

To learn more, visit this Task Force’s website.

Green First Task Force

We embrace and promote the seventh principal of Unitarian Universalism: Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part. The Green First Task Force pursued, and achieved certification as a Green Sanctuary in 2010. Since then we have continued to work on environmental issues both within and beyond the walls of the First Universalist Church of Denver.

Interested in joining us or finding out what Green First has been up to? Check out our calendar or our blog, or contact Craig Murray.

Green First Focus Areas

South Platte River Trail Cleanup

Roughly once a month we can be found picking up trash along the multi-use trail that parallels the river between Dartmouth and Union. Check the First Universalist calendar or Happenings for specific times and dates.

Working with Outside Groups


Green First works with local and national groups by inviting them to participate in First Universalist’s Compassion in Action program and promoting their events and efforts within the church.

Local Food and Economy

Green First and First Universalist have worked with several local agriculture groups including hosting a CSA drop-off.Several members of Green First are also involved in an ethical investment group that identifies and supports budding local businesses.

Current Environmental Issues

We identify and research current environmental issues like climate change, and hydraulic fracturing and bring speakers to the church to provide opportunities for the members of First Universalist to learn about local and national environmental issues and to take action.

For more information click on the topics below:

Guide to Climate Change Facts

Guide to How to Get Going Green

Guide to Divesting and Green Reinvesting

Guide to Electric Vehicles

Guide to Geothermal Heat Pumps

Guide to Solar for Your Home

Sustainable Church Facility

We are exploring the possibility of incorporating sustainable building design, such as solar panels and passive day lighting, in the vision for First Universalist’s future facility.

Ethical Eating

Many members of Green First also participate in the Ethical Eating Task Force.