Compassion in Action


We are committed to Compassion in Action.

Most weeks out of year, the congregation gives 100% of the donations collected during the Sunday offering to Social Justice Causes. Compassion in Action is our congregational tithe shared to improve our world. The other Sundays (approximately one Sunday a month) the collection goes to support our church and the work of its ministries.

The Compassion in Action program is designed to promote generosity by members and friends as well as raise awareness within the congregation about local, regional, national, and international social justice concerns. Our congregation’s orientation is outward toward the community, as well as inward. We choose to bless the world.

We collected

  • $60,178 in 2015-2016 along with $7,188 in special offerings to support our congregation
  • $44,477 in 2014-2015 along with $10,988 in special offerings to support our congregation
  • $63,850 in 2013-2014 along with $10,724 in special offerings to support our congregation
  • $65,291 in 2012-2013
  • $56,190 in 2011-2012
  • $44,976 in 2010-2011

Past Recipient Organizations include:

Distribution of monies received:

When an organization makes a presentation during service, 100% of the monies, both cash and non-designated checks, go to that organization. Cash and checks are applied to church operations only if “pledge” or “church operations” appears on a memo line or envelope. A letter that notes the amount of the donation, thanks the organization for their good work for justice, and requests the organization to recognize our congregation, accompanies all delivered checks.

Members continue to support the church, by making a pledge or other contribution of record. Pledges are for funding church operations; offering is for the community.

Contact Aaron Norris to learn more.