Safety and Security

The Safety and Security Committee

Safety Response Team Seeks Volunteers

The Safety and Security Committee has developed a Safety and Security Plan for our congregation.  The Safety and Security Plan is intended to help make our congregation safe and to enable our congregants to respond to emergencies, large and small.  To help respond to emergencies, a Safety Response Team (SRT) is being formed. 

The Safety Response Team will be composed of volunteers age 16 and over.  Members of the SRT will wear a distinctive name badge and will receive first aid, CPR and other training needed to carry out their responsibilities under the Safety and Security Plan.  To learn more about the SRT or to sign up, please contact Jim Boyd, Chair of the Safety and Security Committee, at

What is the Safety and Security Committee?

Our committee was formed in 2016 to conduct a review of our church’s safety and security procedures. Working with the Senior Minister, staff of the church, and the Board of Trustees, we have developed a new Safety and Security Plan for our building and all who use it. The members of our committee contribute a variety of experiences and perspectives from the fields of medicine, facility management, education, and security. To learn more, contact our Chair, Jim Boyd, at