Committee on Ministry

A note from the 2017 Committee on Ministry Co-Chairs:

The Committee on Ministry (CoM) is an elected committee composed of six members of our congregation. A major function of CoM is to evaluate and promote the overall effectiveness of the ministry for the Congregation.  Virtually everything our congregation does to fulfill its mission constitutes “ministry”.  CoM facilitates the relationship between the Ministers and the Congregation and it receives, investigates, and responds to all matters affecting the Ministerial-Congregational relationship.  Annually, CoM performs an evaluation of the professional ministers with regard to their ministerial functions and it makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees to assist in the determination of the annual compensation for the professional ministers.  Another of its functions is to conduct periodic congregational surveys, which it did recently. The Committee on Ministry oversees the implementation of two Congregational policies:  The Right Relations Policy and the Disruptive Behavior Policy. The Committee on Ministry welcomes feedback from the Congregation on matters that affect them.  As one means for obtaining feedback, CoM will periodically offer “Listening Posts” to afford congregants and others an opportunity to share their views.  The Committee on Ministry meets monthly.

Jim Boyd, Co-Chair

Helen Gray, Co-Chair

Contact the CoM

Share your thoughts, questions, and concerns with the Committee on Ministry by sending an email to

Listening Posts

In July, 2017, the Committee on Ministry conducted “Listening Posts’’ in the cafeteria to hear what congregants had to say about five topics the recent congregational survey indicated had the most room for improvement.  The topics were:

1.  Adult Education

2.  Children, youth and young adult religious education

3.  The need for small groups that meet congregants’ needs

4.  Members should be more welcoming to new members

5.  Need more opportunities for personal and spiritual growth

A sixth “miscellaneous” topic was added to allow congregants to speak about any topic of interest or concern.  Some of the comments touched upon cover more than one topic. 

The Committee on Ministry greatly appreciates the feedback it received and will continue to offer “Listening Posts” periodically as a means for connecting with the congregation. The responses we received were shared with members of the congregation in our email newsletter. To learn more, please contact the Committee on Ministry:

Congregational Survey

One of the major undertakings of the Committee on Ministry is to conduct a survey of the congregation every five years. This survey evaluates the priorities and satisfaction of our members relating to major aspects of church life. Learn more and see the 2017 survey results here.

Committee on Ministry (CoM) typically has six lay members. The professional ministers are ex officio (non-voting) members. Lay members are elected for three-year terms with the election of two new members to the committee each year. The committee works with the ministerial staff and lay leaders to evaluate and promote the overall effectiveness of the ministry of the congregation. The Committee on Ministry’s mission is to help build and maintain a healthy congregation, composed of members and staff who are committed to a search for deeper meaning and purpose, to other members, to our church, and to Unitarian Universalism as a way of creating a better world.