Integrated Initiatives (April, 2016)

1) Cross – Group Interaction (1,2,3) – saw examples from Social Justice of how they were working both with FFRE and Care and Connection (Touchstone Tuesday) to help connect people across groups and raise awareness of our broader programs. This approach is something that all groups in the church should be thinking about as they plans activities and programs. How do we make broader connections and partner with other Ministry groups in our programs and activities?

2) Small Group Charter / Covenant (1,2,3,4) – good discussion about better defining the charter and covenants for small groups in the church, for example, What is the group’s mission? Are they open or closed to new members? How does a group invite new participants? What is our expectations for how these relate cooperate with other groups? Note that this ties into the broader ‘Commitment to Covenant“ initiative outlined below.

3) Commitment to Covenant (1,3)– another common theme that relates to Right Relations and Mediation that CoM is working, and is part of the small group charter. While not discussed specifically, this also relates to a key item from the December 3rd meeting that Care and Connections put forward about expanding member more involvement in Sunday morning volunteer activities, and relates to expanding congregational participation. FFRE seems to have used specific covenants very effectively in their interim and search processes. How can we use specific covenants more effectively?

4) Common Strategy / Theme (1,2,3) – several suggestions about creating a unifying strategy or theme as a way of united and re-energizing the congregation prior to moving back into the new building. Processes such as a Dream Summit or Appreciate Inquiry, and/or using a book that ties to a theme that the whole congregation would read as a way of affirming and reinforcing certain aspects of our Mission, Intention and Culture, and focusing on a few key objectives of themes.

5) Governance Cross Committee (4) – initiative that LDC has started with BoT, basically a feedback loop to make sure BoT is getting the feedback and information they need to update governance on an ongoing basis.