Musical Meditation

In many traditions, the repetition of words, phrases, chants, or longer songs can bring people deeper into a creative space, remind us of our core and values, and provide a focus to clear away our anxiety and the distractions of the wider world so we can find a few minutes of centered contemplation.

Musical Meditation on Freedom and Risk

What does Freedom mean to you in these times when we must focus ourselves on risk and the resilience to live into our values despite fear or discomfort? Take some time to consider how the support of this community and our shared ministries can give you the freedom to spread your wings with this musical meditation from Rising Appalachia, or the sounds of our Senior Minister, Rev. Jeannie Shero, and John Hubert performing “I’m Gonna Walk it with You.”

If you want to sing along, find a place where you can stand or sit comfortably in an open posture with your back fairly straight and your weight balanced. This could be at a desk, a chair, your living room, in the car, or anywhere you have a few minutes to spare. Cue up your music. This week, we will use “Freedom” by Rising Appalachia:

Additional Music for Meditation


Rev. Jeannie Shero and John Hubert sing I’m Gonna Walk It With You at First Universalist Denver.

Ellie Grace and Brian Claflin sing their original song, “I’m Gonna Walk It With You”

Zo Tobi sings their original song, “Blessed Unrest”

Sweet Honey in the Rock sings Bernice Johnson Reagon’s piece, Ella’s Song