Singing Meditation

Singing Meditation is a quiet, simple way of praying for peace in our community and the world through song. This meditative candlelit service includes simple chants sung repeatedly; rich silence; short but profound readings; and guided prayers and meditations for peace. Most of us have experienced the wonder and magic when a great choir performs great music. The musical experience comforts us while igniting our spirits and awakening our emotions. This effect is even greater when we sing together — our voices create a net of sound; we become bound tightly together.




Come as you are and join in singing with others. This experience requires no skill level or talent. For more information, please contact John Hubert. 

Something I would like to do more of


It is lovely.


I love to sing with other people, it is very spiritually connected and a great healing experience.


“ There is a magical tapestry that is woven at Singing Meditation: A hush that falls on the space, a stillness that feels alive with love and feeling and mystery. And then the chanting starts, and through repetition and song we open ourselves to letting words of peace and mystery sink in. This is a place where we create a safe space to open ourselves to seeing and becoming peace and love. ”



Dates: Fourth Tuesday of every month (August – May)
Time: 6:30-7:30 p.m.
Place: First Plymouth Church, 3501 S. Colo. Blvd., 80113 (Chapel)