Musical Theater


pose-at-end-of-pledgealotIn addition to the children’s musicals that we produce twice per church year, the adults get a chance to share their immense theatrical talents with our congregation in our annual Stewardship Musical.

These shows are written by our members and usually are spoofs on existing theatrical or musical acts.

In 2016, a building committee went wild and spent way too much money in “There’s a Place for (u)Us!”

In 2015, we took our pursuits to outer space with “UUs Lost (and Found) in Space.” To watch, click here

In 2014, we tried to come up with a new UU hymnal with The Rainbow Collection.” To watch, click here

In 2012, we put together our own version of “The Gong Show.” To watch, click here

In 2011, we produced “Back to the Future,” a revue of our favorites from year’s past. To watch, click here

In 2010, we wrote and produced “A Rocky Mountain Companion,” based on the work of Garrison Keillor.

In 2009, we wrote and produced “Let’s Get Fiscal!” Click on this link to watch Let’s Get Fiscal!

In 2008, we wrote and produced the show “Pledge-a-Lot!” which you may watch on Youtube by clicking here

In 2007, we produced “The Sound of Money,” a spoof on the Sound of Music.

In 2006, we produced “Fiddler in the Red,” a spoof on the Fiddler on the Roof.

If you are interested in participating in one of our musicals, please email John Hubert