Moving Meditation

As we grow and change throughout our lives, the ways we move through the world change as well. Today we will experience a meditation based in movement and the power of motion to bring us into the present and provide a meditative setting that connects body and mind. You will want to find a place where you can move freely, whether it’s the backyard of your own home, the neighborhood, a park, or even the halls of a shopping mall. Plan on being out for about 15 minutes.

When you arrive at the place you will do your meditative movement, reach down and touch the ground, or look down and focus your attention toward the ground, by stretching your palms toward the earth. Give thanks to the ground for supporting you through this meditation. Then look up to the sky, and focus your attention in that direction, lifting your palms upward as you thank the sky for giving you the weather and the space to move about.

Now, take a walk. Notice what’s around you, what feelings and sensations you experience. Notice your own body and the motions you make.

Can you walk slowly? How slowly can you walk? Can you focus your attention completely on making the movements of your arms and legs heavy, ponderous… slow?

What about moving quickly? How does that change your experience of the walk? Of your own body, balance, and muscles? Are the sensations of sight, sound, touch, and scents enhanced or diminished when you are moving fast through the world? Where is your energy flow?

Shift back and forth between slow movement and fast movement. Find a walking speed that is comfortable for you, and discover the limits of too slow and too fast for your body.

After about 10 minutes, or whatever feels comfortable, stop and thank your body for its effort on your behalf. Thank the ground for its support, and the sky for its expansive space to move through.