Spiritual Grounding Meditation

For grounding, place yourself seated or standing in a stable position with both feet firmly touching the ground. Outdoors is great, if you can. First, look down at the ground, place your arms beside you with palms facing forward and reach your fingertips toward the ground gently. Take three deep breaths, reaching your fingers toward the ground on each exhale.

Next, place your hands together in a prayer pose, with your elbows out and palms pressed together in front of your chest. Look forward and take three deep breaths, pressing your palms together firmly on the inhale, and letting them relax on the exhale.

Bring your arms back down to a relaxed position beside you with your palms facing behind you this time. Look upward, and on this set of three breaths, reach your chin upward and stretch your palms down and slightly back, as if you were a bird readying for flight. Notice the color of the sky, the shapes of the clouds… are there birds or trees in your view?

And one final time, place your hands on your chest with your palms stacked over your heart. Close your eyes, and breathe 3 deep breaths. On each inhale, remind yourself, “I am loved,” and on each exhale remind yourself, “I have love to give.” May this exercise serve to remind you to center yourself in place and remember the community which surrounds you.