What is the Annual Pledge Drive?

Each year in March and April, we ask everyone participating at First Universalist to make a financial pledge to support the church’s operating budget for the upcoming fiscal year (July 1-June 30).  Pledges fund over 85% of the $650,000 annual operating budget of the church.  Our goal is 100% participation in which everyone in our church community makes a pledge.

Why should I make a pledge?

This church, this community, belongs to all of us.  Your pledge makes it possible for us to pursue our mission through meaningful programs and ministries to serve you and so many others.  Your generosity helps us create a community of care and challenge, as we share the “Good News of Unitarian Universalism.”

How much should I give?

We hope that you find First Universalist a worthy organization, one worthy of your support. Your generous support makes a difference. There are three levels of suggested giving on the pledge form. Consider 2% of your annual income, which is the average level of pledging at First Universalist. You may want to consider 2.8%, which is the national average for Unitarian Universalists. Some staff and members give 5%, a level the UUA calls a “liberal tithe,” which also assumes the generous support of other organizations and charities by UUs. There is wide variety in how much families pledge, and this is important considering the cost per member to run the church.
What you give is your personal choice.  We hope that every individual and family will be generous by giving what is personally meaningful.


1 Liberal tithe recommended by the UUA
2 Average UU Pledge nationally
3 Our pledge percentage for 2011-12

How do I make my pledge?

Via the internet, you can fill out the Covenant of Giving on line. The paper process is as follows: you will receive a pledge form in the mail, or you can get one at the pledge kiosk between services on Sunday beginning in March.  Complete this form and return it to the church office.

Doesn’t the weekly offering on Sunday fund the church?

No. All of the money received in the weekly Compassion In Action offering goes to worthy local, national, and international non-profit organizations that share Unitarian Universalist values to improve our world through acts of compassion and work for social change. Only offerings that are designated as a pledge payment or as a directed contribution to First Universalist remain within our congregation.