Creation Within Us


This is a great spiritual practice for doing with children!  You might spend as little as 15 minutes but can extend the time if you’re feeling especially creative and meditative.

Keddy Ann Outlaw

Create Your Chalice

Go ahead and get whatever art supplies you happen to have around. A simple pen and piece of paper is sufficient, but if you want to bring glue, crepe paper, scissors, and magazines for collage making, you can do that too.

Use some kind of pen or pencil on paper to sketch a chalice and flame. You can look up chalices on the internet, model yours on one you’ve seen, or just draw what comes to mind. This is a place for your creative self to flow. Mistakes are a wonderful and expected part of the process. Let them add to the uniqueness of your piece.




Once you have a sketch of a chalice, add to it using whatever art materials you wish. Think about some of the following questions as you work:

What represents you?

Where do you find beauty or connection in the world?

How does your chalice image connect to your image of Unitarian Universalism?

Is your chalice more abstract, or do you want to include concrete imagery?

Are there words you want to add?

Collage images from the newspaper or magazines?

Share Your Chalice

When your chalice feels finished, consider taking a picture of your image to share on our church’s Facebook page so that we can see the many unique reflections of our faith and our creativity. For help with posting, send your image to

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For Young UUs

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For very young children, you may wish to print a copy of Alice the Chalice coloring page as a starting point. Even our smallest can experience the joy of creative meditation through choosing their own colors and patterns to draw.