Take it Home

May 18th, 2014

9th Grade Trip Service

9th graders from the Denver-Boulder Cluster who went on the 9th grade trip visited us this Sunday to share their experience. They talked about being immersed in a different culture, breaking down stereotypes and cultural barriers, bonding with fellow youth and the beauty of a shower after missing it for a few days. We were lucky enough to hear many different voices and to see the impact of our RE programs on the youth in our community.

While our older youth attended service, our younger youth celebrated their year in the FFRE program. We talked about our church community and make some keepsakes to remember our new friends by. We hope you all stop in over the summer and join us again this fall for our exciting program!

APRIL 13th, 2014

Spiritual Expressions: Caring for our Earth

Our 1st-5th grade students learned about upcycling and taking care of our Earth. Our Program Coordinator, Erin Kenworthy, and parent volunteer Karen Billings, led our children in creating book bags out of used t-shirts. The children had a great time and got very creative with their upcycling!