Parent/Guardian Information



We Work Together

Our program functions through the dedication and gifts of parents/guardians, adult volunteers, and staff who create a learning community that is exciting and meaningful. It truly takes a village to provide our kids a great FFRE program. We can not stress enough how important our volunteers are. We ask that parents/guardians help support the program with their time and energy.

First Universalist has strong FFRE staff team who are here to help support and coordinate all of our volunteers.

FFRE Covenant

Staff Commitment: The Faith Formation and Religious Education Staff Team at First Universalist provides quality curriculum to teach your child(ren) Unitarian Universalist principals and liberal religious values. This includes important life lessons and skills such as: how to participate in social justice activities, how to care about the earth and our environment, how to follow their own spiritual path, and how to value peace and the inherent worth of all people. We do our best to widen awareness of religious and social issues, encourage spiritual growth, and provide a safe place to express their opinions and ask questions.

Parent/Guardian Commitment: “As a parent, I am concerned about and involved with the development and continued health of the faith formation of my child(ren). I will support the program as a member or friend of the church, pay a yearly materials fee, and volunteer in some capacity within the program. I realize that the more involved I am the more my child(ren) will receive from the program. My time and energy help make First Universalist a place that my kids love to come to and feel the warmth of their community. Together we will help our kids begin their journey of faith and give them the tools that will help them face difficult and wonderful times in the future.”

How Parents Make Our Program Work

  • Volunteer: To ensure our program is a success, we need and greatly appreciate your support.
  • Attend regularly: This helps children gain the educational and social benefits of being part of a learning community, make connections with others, and feel a comfortable in their class.
  • Attend events: We offer a wide variety of events that are fun, social times for everyone. Come and build friendships in community.
  • Be informed: Explore our program and what your child(ren) are learning. By doing this, you will be able to actively participate in and reinforce your child(ren)’s faith formation.
  • Become a member or friend: Our Faith Formation and Religious Education program costs over $120,000 ($300 per child) a year to operate. For this reason, we ask parents to become a Member or Pledging Friend of First Universalist to help sustain our programs. To learn more, contact Sarah Libert.