Our Program and Goals

Is This Program Right for Us?

We offer faith formation and religious education through classroom experiences, music, drama, community outreach, and youth activities that nurture and support spiritual development. We offer community, social action, sexuality education, parenting support, family learning in a loving environment.

We provide programming during each Sunday service and at youth retreats and overnights. Each part of our program is designed to broaden and deepen your child’s faith formation. We partner with families in the work of raising young people who are ready and equipped to live well. We do this through the programming offered and the community built in the process of learning and growing together.

Our staff are glad to talk with you to answer questions, and we hope that you will attend a service soon.

Our Goals

We hope our children and youth will grow to have:

  • Self worth and the ability to make healthy choices
  • Acceptance of the many differences in others including religious, ethnic, and cultural diversity
  • Eagerness to engage in the universal search for truth, meaning, and purpose throughout life
  • Feeling of support and guidance in their search
  • Knowledge of world religions
  • Appreciation of something larger than themselves
  • A sense of responsibility toward others and the environment, respecting the interdependent web of all existence
  • Eagerness to engage in social action and community events
  • Emotional and spiritual resources that will equip them to engage in the challenging and rewarding experiences of life with confidence, integrity, and compassion
  • Belief in and knowledge of the Seven UU Principles which provide the means to create their own UU identity
  • An experience of connection and belonging at First Universalist, including friendships that can last a lifetime