Middle School

Neighboring Faiths

Neighboring Faiths Announcements:

On Sunday, March 12, our 6th & 7th graders will be attending a field trip to the Denver Buddhist Temple at 1947 Lawrence Street downtown. We’ll meet at Hamilton at 8:45 AM and return at 11:45 AM. Parents will be receiving permission slips soon. Please contact vanessa@firstuniversalist.org if you are interested in chaperoning.

About Neighboring Faiths:

6th and 7th Grades – 10:00 am

Neighboring Faiths is a two year curriculum which explores the differences and similarities of our faith neighbors, as well as our own Unitarian Universalist faith and history through the tapestry of faith curriculum entitled Building Bridges.

Each month our class will engage with one faith through workshop experiences that may include guest speakers, field trips, and an inquiry process meant to facilitate faith discovery, cultural appreciation, and spiritual development.

Throughout, there will be opportunities to learn and live our Unitarian Universalist principles and values.

Consistent student participation is very important to make this class effective. Not only will the material be covered over multiple Sundays, but it is important that youth build trust and community amongst themselves.

Coming of Age (CoA)

CoA Announcements:

Our Coming of Age class has some very important dates coming up. Mark your calendars now!
  • April 21-23: VISION QUEST

Our 8th graders will be spending a special weekend at Mount St. Vincent’s with their advisors. This spiritually-focused retreat is an integral part of our Coming of Age curriculum.


This annual Sunday program is entirely designed by the teens and their advisors. Each youth will share their credo statement and then complete the Bridging Ceremony into YRUU. Make plans to celebrate the conclusion of this special year of discovery.

  • “Conversations with Mentors” on March 5 and April 5 – The teens are working on crafting credo statements. We would love to have mentors in the classroom as special guests.

About Coming of Age:

8th Grade- 10:00 am

The Coming of Age (CoA) program is designed to honor the transition between childhood and youth. This vibrant class is a transformative experience that includes learning, growing, ritual, and celebration. Our goals are to:

  1. Provide youth with the tools to begin intentionally shaping their own spiritual lives
  2. Encourage youth to create their own “empowering stories”
  3. Create a space and time for deep authentic relationships among youth, mentors, and the congregation

The culmination of the class is a two night Vision Quest Retreat where they youth spend quiet time (away from electronics) to explore their own beliefs. These beliefs are then turned into Belief Statements or Credos which are shared with the congregation in the CoA Service in which they are: welcomed into the congregation as youth, bridged into the YRUU youth group, and eligible for membership. It is an experience that youth and parents alike rave about.

To get the most out of the class, consistent weekly participation is strongly encouraged. The youth need to be able to create trusting relationships with their advisors, mentors, and fellow classmates.

Our Whole Lives (OWL)

We are not offering OWL in the 2016-2017 year, but plan to offer the course next year to middle school youth. Please contact our Middle School Coordinator, Vanessa Johnston, with questions at vanessa@firstuniversalist.org.

Our Whole Lives: Sexuality and Your Life is a comprehensive twenty-seven session sexuality education course produced by the UUA and the United Church of Christ, and offered in a majority of UU churches and many schools nationwide. The course is designed to facilitate:

  1. Understanding of the dynamics of sexuality in their lives
  2. Ability to communicate about sexual concerns and issues with parents and peers
  3. Communication skills essential for emotional intimacy
  4. Building strong foundations for making healthy, safe, and responsible decisions about sexuality and relational behavior.

Classes are led by four comprehensively trained OWL teachers of different genders in a safe environment in which to explore sensitive issues with honesty and integrity.

Parents and teens must attend an orientation session so that they can give informed consent if their teenager chooses to participate in the course.