High School

YRUU 9-12th Grade

YRUU (Young Religious Unitarian Universalists) is composed of youth and adult advisors. Through youth-adult partnership, this community decides, schedules and plans their events and activities based on community bonding, social justice, spirituality, and connections across generations. Our respect of each other and our covenant provides all of our youth with a safe place to share thoughts and feelings, explore, learn, and build life-long friendships. To learn more about YRUU, contact Youth Mentor Claire Reifert at claire@firstuniversalist.org.

Sundays 10:00 am

Our youthful community explores the monthly worship themes. Using a variety of curriculum and resources, all are encouraged to examine and share their views in an atmosphere of openness, honesty, tolerance, understanding, and acceptance of diversity. Activities, games and hands-on experiences also help build community within and reaching out into the wider world.

See YRUU events for the current year on our Youth Events Page.

YRUU Quuest/Mission Statement: As the empowered youth of YRUU of First Universalist Church of Denver, we are a safe community for youth to bond, practice social justice, develop leadership skills and spirituality, and connect across generations.

First Universalist YRUU Covenant

  • Respect confidentiality; personal sharing stays in the room
  • Show concern for each other’s welfare; each person has the right to either pass or share
  • Be respectful; insults and sardonic comments are not allowed
  • Make sure everyone is heard; no interrupting others
  • Be inclusive; help everyone feel like they are a part of the group
  • Remain committed to others
  • If you would not do it or say it in front of a “sweet grandmother” (you know the kind we mean!), don’t do it or say it here

Weekend MDD Youth Conferences

Youth Conferences are offered to our active youth members by our Mountain Desert District (MDD). Three weekend retreats plus a Youth Assembly at the District Meeting are hosted by different churches each year October through April. These conferences offer a safe, yet challenging environment for youth to participate in a larger group of Unitarian Universalist youth than what is available at church each Sunday.

Conferences are planned and led by youth, yet adults are there to work with the youth leaders in a ratio of at least one adult for every seven youth. Topics range from Social Justice to Self Image to Bridging (graduating). Visit the MDD Youth Ministry Website for more information. It’s a great way to meet kids your own age with liberal Unitarian Universalist ideals!

See dates for this year’s Youth Cons on our Youth Events Page.