Elementary School

Children and youth in Kindergarten and older begin in the service each Sunday with their families. For the first 15 minutes we worship together, sharing the lighting of the chalice, readings, and singing “Spirit of Life” together.  A wisdom story or wisdom homily is shared to explore the monthly worship theme. After this shared time, teachers lead their classes out of the Sanctuary to their designated classrooms.

K-3rd Grade: “Soul Matters”

This year our whole church will be engaged in a national conversation with other UU congregations around monthly worship themes outlined in Soul Matters. Among hundreds of congregations across North America signed up for the program, other Colorado congregations committed include: Jefferson Unitarian, Namaqua UU Congregation, Columbine UU Church, High Plains Church, Boulder Valley UU Fellowship, UU Church of Boulder,Foothills Unitarian Church, and UU Church of Greeley.

Not only do we plan to explore these themes in our worship, we are bringing them into our children’s classroom. Each month Soul Matters offers children’s RE lessons and ideas for children’s chapel related to the theme. What this means is there will be a connection between what our children are getting each Sunday with what our adults are getting in worship and with what our children and their peers and around the state and nation are getting.

This is exactly why this curriculum was chosen: it works for multi-age groups and promotes family discussion at home. Breakout groups will be dependent on volunteer teaching teams.

4th Grade: Bibleodeon

4th grade students will be using the Bibleodeon curriculum to learn about key stories and ideas in the Bible. This class will give students a basic understanding of the Bible and help them develop their critical thinking skills so that they are able to engage in conversation about the Bible, it’s stories, themes, and ideas.

Learn more about Bibleodeon.