Safety & Behavior


Safety is First

Watch Out for Each Other. Look after one another and ensure everyone is safe.

Stay with the Group. 

Kind Play Only. Rough play is not appropriate.

Walking Feet. Please, no running.

Grounded Feet. Keep your feet on the ground (no climbing).

Stay Out of the Kitchen. Our commercial kitchen is for adults and supervised children.

Be Aware. Parents need to be responsible for what their children are doing.

Sick Child Policy

In our effort to protect the health of the entire First Universalist community, we ask that parents/guardians abide by the following guidelines. Please do not bring your child to church if s/he has any of these symptoms:

A temperature over 100 degrees in the last 24 hours
Green nasal discharge
Vomiting or diarrhea within the prior 24 hours
Pink eye/conjunctivitis
Persistent coughing and/or sneezing
Any contagious illness or rash
If a teacher, greeter, childcare worker, or staff member observes these symptoms in a child in the program, they may ask that the child’s parent return to take the child home.


Behavior Covenant

Safety is First.

Use our safety rules at all times.

We Believe Each Person is Important.

Speak and act with respect for classmates, teachers and all members of the congregation, and for oneself.

Treat others as you would want to be treated.

We Believe that All people Should Be Treated Fairly and Kindly.

Everyone can choose to share or pass when it’s their turn.

Listen and wait during others’ turns.

We Believe Our Church is a Place of Acceptance and Growth.

Our worship space is special; treat it so.

Make an effort to come to church.

Participate with enthusiasm, or at least give it a try.

Pay attention in class, we are here to learn.

Include everyone in activities and planning.

Friends are welcome.

Each Person Must Be Free to Search for Understanding of what is Good and Right.

There are times to cooperate and times to work independently.

Put-downs and name-calling are not acceptable.

We Believe that Each Person Should Have a Vote for Their Concerns.

Share your ideas.

Express your critique  constructively and politely.

Sarcasm is not helpful.

We Believe it is Our Task to Make a Fair and Peaceful World.

Do your best to get along with others and to be helpful.

Ask for help from an adult when you need it.

Respond positively to an adult or youth/child who has given a reminder about behavior.

We Believe in Caring for Our Environment.

Be careful with our space, furniture and materials.

Use only what you need and recycle when you can.

Help clean up—leave your environment better than you found it.