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A Letter from the Building for the Future Chairs:

First Universalist Mission:  “To offer community for connection, renewal, and transformation”

Your leadership and commitment to First Universalist over the years have made this mission a reality.  We can’t thank you enough for all that you have done – the work of your heart, your hands, and, yes, your wallet.  Through calling Jeannie as our associate minister, dedicating our collection to the wider community, building affordable housing through our commitment to Habitat, or leading the fight for gender equality and acceptance, immigration reform, and gun control, we are transforming the world.

We now embark on a new, once-in-a-generation, challenge.  Our building, which has seen so much, no longer meets our needs.  It is too small and cramped and too dark.  It leaks.  Its exterior doesn’t attract visitors.  And, most important, it doesn’t speak to our values. 

The Building for the Future (BFF) committee for over a year received input from our members and worked with our architects, Barrett Studio, to translate those ideas into an expanded and beautiful space for worship, education, and social justice work.  Current estimates put this design at $3.8 million.

We need to understand how close to this goal we can get.  As you know, we start with the generous $500,000 bequest from Kay Robinson.  Two members of the BFF have each pledged $250,000, putting us over 25% of the goal as a strong starting foundation. 

Over twenty years have passed since our last expansion.  If we are successful, we will have a building that will serve our community for the next twenty.  We look forward to discussing how your support will serve the next generation of UUs.

With gratitude,

Spud Van de Water and Howard Roitman, Steering Committee Chairs

A Letter from The Minister and The Moderator:

We build on foundations we did not lay.  We warm ourselves by fires we did not light.  We sit in the shade of trees we did not plant.  We drink from wells we did not dig.  We profit from persons we did not know.  We are ever bound in community that spans the generations.

UU minister Peter Raible

Our work as a congregation is the work of building and being a community.  Each of us brings something unique, and we are all transformed by the interactions, explorations, and actions that become possible when we are together.

The need for major building renovation and expansion has been informed by significant and increasing limitations that our building places on programs and activities.  We are grateful for the work of those who helped us arrive at this moment, and we are grateful for every person in our congregation who has and who will contribute to the process and fulfillment of this vision of our future.

Before us is a once in a generation opportunity to create a profound legacy that we will both benefit from and pass on to future generations at First Universalist.  As you consider the proposed building design and ponder the possibilities that it offers, we hope that you will be as excited as we are about the future it will provide for our beloved community.  Join us on the journey.  It will be a good one.


Jeannie Shero, Acting Senior Minister

David Barnhill, former Moderator of the Board of Trustees

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