Financial Stewardship of the BFF Project

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The Building for Our Future project will be the largest financial undertaking in the history of the First Universalist Church of Denver. The Building Committee, the executive leadership and the Board of Trustees are all committed to the financial stewardship of this project.
To this end, several actions have been taken to ensure sound financial management of this project. These actions include:

  • Establishment of separate bank and brokerage accounts to segregate the project funds from the general funds used for church operations.
  • Creation of a unique accounting structure for building project activities within the church financial records.
  • Monthly reconciliation of all building project accounting activities by church accounting personnel and the building fund Finance Committee.
  • Monthly reporting to the Building Committee regarding building project financial activity.

As the project moves into a more active phase, a project budget will be generated. Progress of the project will be monitored in comparison to the budget to help ensure that the project can be completed with the funds available. In an effort to foster transparency and trust in the process with the congregation, regular reporting of the financial status of the project will be communicated.

Please direct any questions or concerns to Ronda Palsulich, Finance Committee Chair, via e-mail at


Financial Reconciliation Statements

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