Frequently Asked Questions

About the Pledge Drive


What is the Annual Pledge Drive?

Each year in February the church asks everyone in our community, members and non-members, to make a financial contribution to support the church’s operating budget for the following fiscal year (July 1 — June 30). Pledges make up over 85% of the $785,000 annual operating budget for the church.


Why should I make a pledge?

This church, this community, belongs to all of us. Your pledge is your covenant to financially support the church and its activities over the next year. It is the generosity of your pledge that enables the church to support our wonderful staff and to
create the caring, stimulating and challenging community that we all value.


How do I make my pledge?

Many church members will be visited by an ambassador (a church member/friend) who will address any questions you might have and provide a pledge form for the annual pledge drive and a separate pledge form for the building project. We ask that you fill out and sign both forms and give them to the ambassador during the visit to ensure timely collection of pledge forms (pledge information will be kept confidential).

If you have not been contacted by an ambassador by mid-February, we will mail forms to you. You may also pick up both forms in BFF Central (Room 3) at church. It is imperative that you return both forms to your ambassador, to BFF central (Room 3), to the pledge kiosk in Friendship Hall or to the church office (the mailing address on the form) by the end of February.


Don’t the weekly offerings fund the church?

No. The majority of the weekly offerings go to the Compassion in Action program to fund local, regional, national and international social justice concerns.


How much should I give?

Each of us should consider all that this community brings to us and provides for us, then give generously. The UUA has suggested a “liberal tithe” of 5% of annual income.


About the Building Project


When does construction begin/end?

Construction is currently scheduled to begin in the summer of 2016 (August or September depending on the speed of the permitting process). Construction is expected to be complete within 6-8 months.


What “green” features will the new building have?

With a large solar array on the roof and a geothermal loop under our north parking lot, our plan is to be fossil fuel free when we open the new building. Other “green” aspects include better insulation, upgraded windows, LED lighting plus recycling many parts of the old building in a variety of ways.


Where will we hold church during construction?

First Plymouth Congregational Church (UCC), diagonally across the street from First Universalist, has offered to host our congregation during construction. A formal agreement will be reached as soon as details are worked out.


Where can I see the building plans?

BFF Central is in Room 3 in Markham Hall (the round building). You may view plans, pick up information, and ask questions after each service from January through March. You may also view plans, see videos, read BFF minutes and find more information on this site.


How can I support the project?

The biggest need is to “FINI$H IN FEBRUARY”! We need a three-year pledge of support from 100% of our church community to turn our plans into reality.


What does the project cost?

The projected final cost is $4.6 million with $420,000 covering the solar and geothermal portions of the design to be paid through an investment vehicle. The congregation will be asked to approve the final project cost and any potential financing at a special congregational meeting scheduled for Sunday, March 6.

Have we considered moving to a larger space?

Moving is an option that was considered. There are no buildings available that meet our criteria for size, location and budget. We are in an excellent location in terms of convenience to our current members, visibility, parking, park access and potential growth in membership.

Can we buy some of the park land from the city to expand?

The city of Denver is not willing to sell its park land.

What needs to be done about the alley right of way?

This will depend on what gets planned for the building renovation. There may be no need to do anything, but if any new building will occur on the right of way, the ally will need to be “relocated”  to preserve the right of way required by the city.


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