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March, 2016

Update from the Campaign Team

Still not quite there! While about three-quarters of you have turned in your generous pledges … a big THANK YOU to all of you … we are still waiting to hear from a number of you.

Here’s where we are as of today:

  • The annual canvas for our operating funds has reached $549,139 (80.7% of the total goal)
  • And the BFF capital campaign has $3,134,194 (75% of the total goal)
    Again, thank you to everyone who has pledged support for both the coming year’s operating budget and the BFF capital campaign.

    We’ve concluded the initial phase of the campaign, but we still need everyone’s support so we can bring this campaign to a successful conclusion. And time is running out!

    With the congregational vote on the building coming up on April 3rd, we’ll need to make some serious decisions about how to close the gap between what has been pledged, and what we’ll need to fully realize our dream.

    So, if you haven’t turned in your pledge, please do so soon.

    The Campaign Team

    George Belsey
    Woody Emlen
    Regie Hunt

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