BFF Leadership

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Building for the Future (BFF) Committee Members

George Belsey, Co-Chair, Capital Campaign

Phee Belsey, Recording Secretary

Mike Bloom, Chair, Interiors (Furnishings, finishes, art)


Steve Bloom, Chair, Transition Team

John Bringenberg, Chair, Sustainability Team

Bill Connors, Co-Chair, Capital Campaign


Pete Christensen, Chair, Building Plans and Construction

Margaret Griffes, Sustainability Team and Board of Trustees Liaison

Ronda Palsulich, Chair, Finance


David Livingston, Co-Chair, Communications Team

Tom Dudzinski, Co-Chair, Communications Team

Howard Roitman, Co-Chair, BFF

Spud Van de Water, Co-Chair, BFF


Ex-officio Members

Rev. Jeannie Shero, Associate Minister

David Barnhill, Board of Trustees




David Barrett, architect, Barrett Studio

Steve Bloom, visioning exercise

Brian Dunbar & Josie Plaut, Institute for the Built Environment, CSU, integrative design options


Tom Dudzinski, video production

Barry Finkelstein, Capital Campaign Consultant, UUA

Faurot Construction, cost estimates


Jason Grant, roofing options

Steve Hansen, database management options, communications systems

Paul Kriescher, Principal, and Steven Forester, Mechanical Engineer, Lightly Treading, Inc.


Sam Nishek, architect, Barrett Studio

Precision Survey, property boundaries

Sure Drain Services, roof drain inspection

Al Wallace, geothermal options