A Meditation on Nature

In this place, the seasons are turning even as we watch. Take a moment to pause and breathe deeply. You can sit or stand, but try and find a place where nature is present.

Focus on what you can see.

What colors are brilliant today? Can you see plants? What does the sky look like? Is the ground wet, dry, snowy, or patchy? Give thanks for what is good and growing in this place.

Focus on what you can hear. Are there birds or insects outside? Water running, or wind blowing? Are cars rushing by, or children playing? Give thanks for all that moves and reminds us that things are never truly still or silent, but life is forever in motion.

Focus on what you smell.

Is there damp or dirt, smells of the garden and the outdoors? What kinds of smells say it is springtime to you? Give thanks for the newness of life and the freshly turned earth.

Focus on what you might taste or touch.

Are there blossoms on cherry trees giving the hope of fruit in the coming months? Or new dandelion shoots poking up, bitter, but oddly satisfying in a salad? What tastes are you looking forward to this spring? How will your food habits be transformed by what is now coming into season?

Give thanks for the Earth and all its glory, for spring has come again, uncertain, and hesitant, yet unmistakably there once more. For this, we give thanks, for we are transformed as the Earth is transformed. We are thankful for the cycle. Blessed Be.