2016 Spring Congregational Meeting

Special Congregational Meeting followed by Spring Congregational Meeting

Sunday, May 15th, 10:45 a.m., Sanctuary

On this very important day, the Board of Trustees held two Congregational meetings back to back. In advance of the meeting, members were asked to read the meeting packet. (Click to preview or download the packet.)

At 10:45 a.m., the Special Congregational Meeting considered the question of whether or not to call Rev. Jeannie Shero as First Universalist Church’s permanent Senior Minister. The agenda:
1. Call to order
2. Chalice lighting
3. Opening remarks by Board of Trustees Moderator Pete Gutierrez
4. Entertainment of a motion regarding whether to call Rev. Shero
5. Written (secret) balloting (The results were announced in the next meeting. The decision to call Rev. Shero was unanimous: Yes!)
6. Adjourn (The meeting did not adjourn but went into recess while the votes were counted).

The regular Spring Congregational Meeting followed immediately after the Special Meeting. The agenda:

1. Call to order (Pete Gutierrez)
2. Chalice lighting (Pete Gutierrez)
3. Approve minutes of winter congregational meeting (Pete Gutierrez)
4. Approval of agenda for this meeting (Pete Gutierrez)
5. Moderator’s Report (Pete Gutierrez)
6. Minister’s Report (Rev. Jeannie Shero)
7. Current Fiscal Year Report and Presentation of the FYE 2017 budget (Rev. Shero and Bill Connors)
8. Endowment Report (Ronda Palsulich)
9. Motion from board to use this year’s endowment fund distribution to offset the costs of a 1/2 time assistant minister for one year (Pete Gutierrez)
10. Building Transition “Hub” Committee report (David Barnhill)
11. Presentation of Adams Cup to outgoing Board Secretary Doña Dodson (Pete Gutierrez and Rev. Shero)
12. Presentation of Jefferson Cup to outgoing Board Moderator David Barnhill (Pete Gutierrez and Rev. Shero)
13. Presentation of the elected committees slate (Mark Schneider)
14. Announce results of balloting from special meeting (Pete Gutierrez)
15. Adjourn