Haiti: A Just Journey, Day 7 in Haiti

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Our last day-only one more cold shower,    I think most of us have become enthused with what we have done experienced on this trip.   But… it time to go home.

The last days work is a breeze.  We sifted coarse sand into fine for the cement mixture.    It was an easy 3.5 hrs of work.

We all knew we were on the home stretch.  Later in the afternoon we had some programing canx and consequently we had very light day.

In the evening a folk dance group of women with men drummers came to perform.      I found that in general, the peasants do not have any time for art expression so this was a treat.  Our interpreter didn’t attend the performance.  I was told that some of the dances or words to the dance made them uncomfortable given their own religious practices.

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