Haiti: A Just Journey, Day 5 in Haiti

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After two days working in the garden our next day was at a new Eco-Village site under construction.   I think my work at this site was aided by my experience unloading pumpkins for our Habitat Taskforce.   Our main task today was to move piles of medium size boulders (pumpkins) from one place to another.

Some people in our group were concerned that at the end of our 4 hours of work that we didn’t share the cold bottled water from our cooler.  I believe that they felt it was inconsiderate of us not to offer our water to other Haitians on the work site.   From the interpreters we learned that the Haitians had no expectations that we would share our water.  It was mentioned that they had their own water to drink.   I think that believing that others will think like us can be a problem when trying to understand how people feel in a different culture.    They were always grateful for whatever we did at the worksite because we were weren’t there to  build the houses but to stand by them in support of their efforts. It is like the difference between sympathy and empathy.     Haitians seemed to take tremendous pride in their work.  By Wednesday the 14th I know that what the MPP is doing is revolutionary.  They are poor but they work hard and are filled with a sense pride at what they are accomplishing.  They had something to teach us.

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