Haiti, a Just Journey: 7 Days and Counting

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First U Voyager 1

I spent a couple hours today thinking about a questions from our ” Learning curriculum”.   They are the following:

  1. In the context of this pending journey as you imagine it will unfold, how do you understand the concept of “service”?
  2. What do you envision yourselves doing, both physically and mentally, that you might consider to be “work”? What parts of your body are you using? How is your mind engaged?
  3. How is this work or service that you will offer important to you, andhow central is it to your interest in this particular journey

These set of questions could be asked of any of us who do Social Justice Work.   The benefit would be to make work richer.  The UU College of Social Justice and our leaders have asked us to reflect and answer.   I like the use of “service”.    I don’t hear it enough except for the repeated l phrase” Love is the spirit  of this church and service is its law”.

Below are a couple of my answers

  • My service is also to listen and to support Haitians in their work. I will process with respect what they are doing and bring it home for myself and to our congregation.
  • More important than digging the hole is the process of working with people for a few hours.  There always seems to be a deeper connection with a shared work experience.  My own thoughts are that working together as a team (sports) or as a team in a humanitarian effort is a wonderful opportunities for us to give to others and in return it increases our own good feelings about ourselves.  It is a natural process (Oxytocin) that we want to reach out to others.

Think of your own justice work and ask yourself those three questions.

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