Haiti, a Just Journey: 9 Days and Counting

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Tonight we had a conference call with all of the individuals who are going the trip. We have 14 and two leaders, Rebecca and Michele. Rebecca has was on a UU College of Social Justice trip in 2011 and is looking forward to haw her Eco Village has progressed. Michele participated in UUSC trips to New Orleans for help with the damage after Katrina.

With the journey a week away there were lots of logistical questions. Rick Steve doesn’t have a tour book on things you need when you stay with MPP (Papaye Peasant Movement). There have been lots of comments the curriculum we all been studying.  The leaders admit that it  is in its Beta testing.  They are interested in our feedback.

Before I finish I wanted to post this link in the UU World magazine, and is titled What Haiti taught meIt is a wonderful read…

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