Haiti: a Just Journey: 11 Days and Counting

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I completed a yoga session this morning which is one of three elements  of my “spiritual practice”.  The other pieces are to read a reflection and make an entry in my journal.   My original plan was to read something from the Dali Lama’s like his book Happiness.  I am not sure that will work?  Maybe I should speak to Jeannie about a reflection?

One element of the pre-trip learning I hadn’t mentioned was the Study Guide.  This Study Guide is composed of eight units and is to be completed by a congregational group before going to Haiti.  Since I am going to Haiti with people from various congregations we can’t exactly come together and discuss the material.   Consequently we have been writing our responses on the UU College of Social Justice Network-it is like taking a college class again.     In my opinion the amount work being asked of us is “over the top”.  I complained to our group leaders, Michele and Rebecca and they seemed to agree with me.    They say that others haven’t complained but it is also true that only about 50% of the group is participating in the online discussion.    I felt very relieved after our conversation.     They suggested I complete the work I can do and that when we are in Haiti we will discuss some of these other topics as a group.  Great, I feel like student who has just been told by his teacher to only write a one page summary and just skip the 25 page paper (with footnotes) .  Yippee!!

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