Haiti, a Just Journey: 13 Days and Counting

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A blog by Dan Moen

On this trip we will be supporting UUSC partner MPP (Papaye Peasant Movement).   MPP was founded in 1973 and has 60,000 members. Its mission includes organic agriculture, peasants’ rights, and the environment. After the earthquake, MPP donated several hectares of land for families fleeing the destruction of the earthquake. MPP’s Executive Director Chavannes Jean Baptiste has developed a plan for building more than just homes on this site: his vision is to build long-term sustainable livelihoods for the families left homeless by the tragedy, as well as for other Haitian families seeking food sovereignty.    According to our trip plan we will work alongside Haitians to help construct homes for the villages. The trip will also include “reflections and discussion on how service work and the shared experience in Haiti connect to the basic tenets of UU faith and social justice work”.

We have been asked by UU College to develop a Spiritual Practice.   I remember we were asked for the practice to be intentional, attentive and repetitive.   I struggled with this requirement.  I felt like I was being told to go to church every Sunday.    After some painful self-talk I have convinced myself that developing a “spiritual practice” might be a good idea.    My plan is to do a short yoga routine, journaling and perhaps some reading on a daily basis.    After deciding on the plan two weeks ago I think I have done just one day of spiritual practice.    Maybe I need do some more self-talk.

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