Haiti, a Just Journey: 15 Days and Counting

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I have finished with the history summary.   You can certainly understand why the trip sponsors are called the UU COLLEGE of Social Justice.    The trip seems focus less on what I will contribute to our Haitian Partner Group, the Papaye Peasant Movement and more about understanding the difficult history of Haiti.

The UU Colllege of Social Justice has assigned our group two leaders, Rebecca and.  Michele.  We have been introduce online to thirteen other UU’s from various congregations across the country.  Most of them are on the East Coasts. We were given a long list of things to bring on our trip.  We also introduced UU College of Social Justice Network.      This gives a chance to exchange comments/questions between our thirteen members and two trip leaders.    As you can imagine the Network is designed to share and build group cohesion.  Much of the material has been devoted to review reading and getting to know each other.  The network seems to be a little like FACEBOOK but since I don’t have FACEBOOK, I am not really sure if that is true.   Perhaps it is different from Facebook because you don’t really know the people on the Network.  I am hesitant to be myself – too formal at this time.

In two weeks I will be in Haiti.  It is becoming more of a reality and I am feeling less anxious.  I think reading what other have written on the Network helps me feel less anxious.

As our Journey gets close the material we are reading relates to more current events.  Most have heard that UN troops from Nepal brought Cholera with them to Haiti in 2010 or just after the devastating earthquake.   Six to eight thousand died and over three hundred thousand were ill with the effects of Cholera.  Haiti has filed suit against the UN, asking for compensation but the UN says it has immunity from prosecution.   I have just viewed Al Jazzera’s twenty-four minute documentary called Haiti in a time of Cholera.

My friends are aware of my Haiti trip.  They are feeding me news references regarding Haiti.  Not surprising, people care about what happens in Haiti and my visit gives people an opportunity to show their concern.

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