Haiti, a Just Journey: Dye mon, gen mon or Beyond the Mountain is Another Mountain

Categories: Justice

I am Dan Moen and beginning on May 10th I will be on a “Just Journey” in Haiti for one week with the Universalist Unitarian College of Social Justice.   The following is a Journal/Blog/Email stream to the members of First U about this Journey.    I invite you to respond with your questions and comments.  Some of you at First U have much more experience helping in other developing countries.   Although I would like the blog to focus on Haiti, I would love to hear about similar struggles in other developing countries.   My goal is for people to read the blog and become more informed about Haiti and its struggles.   Selfishly I hope the blog and people who read it become a support group for me.  In the end I would hope  this blog would inspire others to make the trip to Haiti with the UUCSJ  in the future.

My interest in a Haiti Trip began last summer when our Task Force began thinking of ways to inform the congregation on the works of the UUSC.   The UUSC or Service Committee partners with local groups all over the world but few understand exactly how this partnering works.    I discovered that the UU College of Social Justice makes congregational trips to a UUSC Partner Site in Haiti seven or eight times a year. The UUCSJ is a new group formed jointly by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) and the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC).   I thought a “Just Journey” with UUCSJ was a perfect opportunity to take a small group to Haiti.

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